Game made for Ludum Dare 37 | "One Room" Theme

Far from being done but very much playable, just no objective :/
I do plan on continuing work on this in the future but just wanted to show something for ludum dare :/

Controls: (Just mouse click)
Click On floor to move around.
Click on Table to show Table Menu.
Click Buttons to open Stock (What you currently have) or click Buy to buy items to sell at your store.
When everything is set click "Open Shop" at the top and the shop will be open for 7 minutes.
*note pay attention to money at top left of screen to see it go up and down.
Not all barters will be successful.

Customers will come in and check your goods (This part is a wip and not thoroughly finished)

On the off chance you do play it, thank you, I really appreciate it :P

Bugs/Missing Features:
Customers may get stuck to each other fighting for that one spot on the ground.
Customers may admire and empty table with no item.
Tables don't highlight (Missing Feature)
No Dialogue (Missing Feature)
Customer may buy an non existent item? (it soft locks :/ )
No animation or sounds :(

Lots of features programmed in not shown in final build:

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