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Little Polys is a game where you run a village on your very own world! Watch your village grow over time as you gain resources and build defenses to stay safe from what lurks in the darkness.



You click to select villagers, right click to direct them to a resource, enemy, or location. You can hold shift to select multiple villagers.

You click on a building icon to build it, and hold click when it's in position to rotate it.

Camera controls are WASD, middle mouse button, and scroll.


Made in the 72-hour Jam for Ludum Dare 38 by Glauz and Jacob Diaz, with music from http://sleepfacingwest.com

Made with Blender and Unity.


Download Here: https://goo.gl/ZdyJI0 (Windows)

Timelapse Video:

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://goo.gl/ZdyJI0

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Published31 days ago
Tags3D, Ludum Dare 38, Management, rts, village


Little Polys


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Love this its so adorable the music is great too. I can't get over this game!

Can this game save your progress?

Not at the current moment. This game was originally made for a 72 hour contest but since there seems to be interested I may pick up on the project relatively soon :)


Wont install for me got any ideas why? im running windows 10 if that changes anything

Donwload from here ( https://goo.gl/ZdyJI0 ) and unzip with 7-zip (or winrar) :

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This link doesn't work for me and it keeps bringing me to the "save or open" screen that you first see when downloading (Windows 10)

Fun little game I downloaded and opened it just fine

will come back to it

I cant download this game it looks very fun but it wont download?


Here, try this link https://goo.gl/ZdyJI0

Doesnt launch the game. Do i need any application for this

Strange, you shouldn't need anything else to run it. You only need 7-zip or Winrar to unpack it then you simply just run the "LittlePolys.exe" to play the game.

i have windows 10 and it asks me what application i would like to use to open this. What do you have to let the game run?

Download 7-zip (or some other software that can uncompress .rar files) and then try opening the file. Typically files on the internet are compressed (smaller file size) so its easier on the server. Then when its uncompressed you should see "LittlePolys.exe" which you should run.